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06Aug2009Fireworks set the sea of Lignano on fire

The fireworks show of the last year in Lignano

The fireworks show of the last year in Lignano

In Lignano Pineta the preparations for the Incendio del Mare (Sea on fire) are already in full swing. The fireworks are the most awaited moment by residents and tourists and it takes place every summer on August, the 16th , for 15 years.

The Incendio del Mare, this is the name of the fireworks show, draws a large crowd on the beach, especially in the zone between the quay of Pineta and the Kursaal Disco, a perfect area to enjoy the fireworks in the sky and on the water.

Every year the show amazes for its new shapes, for its variety of colours and sparkling effects, but especially for the magical red, green and gold waterfalls that glide over the wave and light the sea of Lignano. With the reflection of the lights and with special fireworks that rock on the water, the sea seems to set on fire. An astonishing sight that fascinated children and adults.

A great suggestion that reaches its climax in the final, when a lot and continuous fireworks are shot in the same time from the quay of Lignano Pineta and from the boat Aussa. Colours and lights merge together illuminating the entire beach of Pineta. With the last three shots, spectators say good-bye and thank the organisation with a big and warm hand and a large crowd lets the beach to pour into the streets and the pubs or to return to their apartments in Lignano Sabbiadoro.

On August the 16th 2009, the Incendio del Mare begins at 11.30 pm, but the party is ready from 9 pm with the music in Piazza Marcello D’Olivo in Pineta and then it continues for the entire night in the discos and pubs of Lignano.