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08Apr2010The season kicks off with Lignano in Fiore

Lignano in Fiore

Lignano in Fiore: Flower Festival and Solidarity

The Festa delle Cape and Barcamania in Lignano Pineta gave the first signs of the beginning of the summer season and brought in the seaside resort many tourists during the week ends of March. In April, after Easter, is the moment of Lignano in Fiore or of the most famous of Flowers’ Festival in Hemingway Park.

With this event the seaside resort awakes completely, because the organization attracts a lot of inhabitants and more and more visitors, who take advantage of the mild climate to book a holiday at the agencies of Lignano. This year the Flowers’ Festival will be longer than usual: it goes from Saturday the 17th of April until Sunday the 2nd of May, including two important national celebration, the 25th of April and the 1st of May. Sure during these two week ends, a lot of families will be take the advantage of the beautiful festival for a picnic in the green Hemingway Park, where will be present also many shows for children.

The programme is very rich, with a particular attention to the families: puppeteers, theatre of the children, animation and performance of dance and gymnastic school. In addition, the 25th of April will be a special day for all: a group of children coming from Palestine and another group coming from Israel will play together the ukulele, to demonstrate that peace can exist. In the same afternoon, all are invited on the beach of Lignano for tossing hundreds of coloured balloons as a sign of peace. The sky will have the colours of the rainbow and all children will run and play free on the golden sand of the beach that welcomes them during the summer holiday.

Lignano in Fiore offers also interesting moments for adults, through meetings and interviews about subjects like the growth of the children, parent-child relationship, doping in the sport, school and more. All that with experts, in order to involve those present in a constructive debate.

Through this big festival, Lignano in Fiore wants to focus the attention on solidarity, on helping children in difficulty both in the surroundings and in the remote places. Every year the money raised from the event is invested in projects for the construction of wells in Africa, for a cowshed and the purchase of cows for children in Tibet, for the victims of Tsunami and of other catastrophic events worldwide. All this without forgetting the families and the children of Lignano and surroundings.

Flowers, games, laughters and joy are not an end in themselves in Lignano in Fiore, but go beyond.

For this reason the Flowers’ Festival is successful with public and volunteers, ready to help in kitchen, stands and wherever there is need.

This year, thanks to the holidays, organizers expect a more large turnout, especially during the 1st May week end. The air is warmer, the fun of the tan are already on the beach, shops and accommodation facilities are open and the shows in Hemingway Park are at the peak. In addition, a lot of agencies offer special prices for the rental of apartments in Lignano in this period, and the villas near the park are in great demand.

Do not miss Lignano in Fiore, you can have fun in a place immersed in the green and you will help many children.