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29Oct2010Dog Olympic Games: the Olympics for dogs in Lignano

Dog Olympic Games Lignano

In Lignano Sabbiadoro for the first time the Dog Olympic Games

In Lignano Sabbiadoro from 15th to 17th October took place for the first time the Olympics for dogs.
After a lot of meetings, championships and contests both in the seaside resort and in the many other Italian and foreign cities, has been created the first Olympic Games for dogs, that brought together all the major disciplines.

For the first time, in a single event, has been present all dog sports: agility, obedience, rally obedience, disc dog, fly ball, mobility dog, retriever, diving, swimming, dog dance and other tests. Up to now the matches for these disciplines were divided and both participants and spectators had not the chance to take part in the same place and especially inside the same event in disciplines in water and on land. Like any competition, also here were awarded gold, silver and bronze medals, medals also for 4th and 5th place and money prizes. In addition, a special prize for the best “Young handler” and a draw for all participants and spectators of some travel.

This event had a great success and it drew many participants, which spent in Lignano a challenging but amusing weekend with their four-legged friends. Suffice it to say that as many as 16 European nations attended the event with 1600 registered dogs and over 2000 trainers. Different dog disciplines are more and more popular not only by the fans of competitions, but also by the several owners that want to play and interact with their dog.

The committee decided to make the D.O.G. (Dog Olympic Games) every two years, with the chance to insert new disciplines, but in particular with the aim to promote the proper relationship between man and dog in every aspect. The Olympic Games of Lignano Sabbiadoro, in fact, were very popular also for the programme made of meetings. Veterinary conference, seminars, workshops, presentations of products by the sponsor of the event, all is useful to promote a positive approach with the dog and to live a fantastic relationship.

Of course, dogs and their trainer were accommodated in facilities that allowed them to move together in every corner, without prohibitions. A dream for many trainers and a joy for their furry four-legged friends who could stay with them at all times of the day. Not to mention the many walks along the streets of Lignano and the games especially on the beach: those who walked without a dog in the city during that weekend was in the minority.
After the bathing season, these dogs had the chance to enjoy the spaces of Lignano, its beach, large streets, cycle paths in peace with their owners.