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Febbraio – 2011 – Agenzia Teghil

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24Feb2011Lignano Pineta prepares the “Mollusc Festival”

Mollusc Festival Lignano Pineta

Fish dishes from Adriatic Sea for the Mollusc Festival in Lignano

We are now close to the usual Mollusc Festival that marks the beginning of the events in Lignano Sabbiadoro.

For the inhabitants of the city it is the first event after the long winter in which they can meet each other and spend two beautiful weekends outdoors, with the opportunity to taste sea specialities, cooked by old culinary traditions.

As every year, also this 27th Festival will take place in Lignano Pineta, Marcello D’Olivo Square, during the first two weekends of March. The large tents for the kitchens will be open Saturday 5th, Sunday 6th and Saturday 12th, Sunday 13th March and they will offer to many visitors a great variety of fish dishes, like long molluscs, clams, grilled or breaded sardines, baked sardines with onions (the famous “sarde in saor”) and squids, with good wines.

The Mollusc Festival collects every year thousand of visitors that come in Lignano for the first time after the winter season and it serves as promotion of the city in a period in which beach, hotels and agencies start to collect reservations for the summer season. Between a dish of clams and another of sardines and thanks to the good weather, many tourists stroll after on the beach in Lignano and think actually to the summer holiday, asking for information to hotels and agencies of the city. Also for the inhabitants of Lignano marks the festival the awakening and the preparation to the summer season. Especially when days are warmed by the sun, the large turnout is ensured.
The success of the events is ensured by the very good fish quality and that is clearly visible from long lines of people waiting to order and to find out a seat at the tables. Sometimes there are waits, but it’s worth and with a little bit of patience, chefs serve always everyone. It must be said that in addition to eat and enjoy the city of Lignano, the event allows also to do good.

The Fishermen Association “Al Mare”, that organize every year with the help of City of Lignano Sabbiadoro and volunteers the Mollusc Festival, donates the money raised in the two weekends for charity. In the years, the festival helped many associations like AGMEN, “Via di Natale” which helps cancer patients, the Organ Transplant Medical Centre, Children in Emergency that is children affected by cancer and especially many private situations in the territory, of which may not always be aware.

The Mollusc Festival has a triple role for the city of Lignano and for tourists: first of all it introduces the great fish variety of Northern Adriatic Sea, then promote the beach of Lignano for the summer season and finally, it raises funds for charity or non-profit organizations.

Don’t miss this 27th Mollusc Festival: it waits for you in Lignano Pineta during the weekends 5th – 6th and 12th – 13th of March.