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15Mar2011Barcamania 2011

Barcamania in Lignano Pineta

The 4th exhibition of boats in Lignano Pineta

For the fourth year comes again in Lignano Pineta in Piazza Marcello D’Olivo the nautical kermess Barcamania.

This year the outdoor boat show will take place at the end of March, instead at the end of February, more exactly in the weekends of 25th, 26th and 27th of March and 1st, 2nd and 3rd of April. The chose to postpone the event concerns solely the chace to enjoy of a better climate, more mild, and so to draw in the seaside resort, in a period far from the bathing season, hundresd visitors.

The fourth Barcamania has been presented by Danila Ciotta, president of Ente Fiere Lignano, the 8th of March in Udine in Palazzo Belgrado and it has focused the attention not only on the sea and its satellite industries, but also on the several waterways in the region Friuli Venezia Giulia. In the region there are 800 km of navigable rivers, that must be reappraised and developed first of all from the naturalistic point of view and then economic.

Rivers like Stella and Tagliamento offer a wonderful naturalistic treasure: fauna and flora which change every few meters, with the chance to discover it by boat. Concerning the river Stella, its mouth has a very important naturalistic interest and for this reason it is a Regional Natural Park with the name “Foci dello Stella” (Mouths of the Stella). The river Tagliamento is a feature of Lignano, because its mouth marks out the western border of the seaside resort and offers the beautiful marina Marina Uno in Lignano Riviera.

The topic of the regional rivers and their revitalization from the economic point of view will be discussed in a meeting Saturday 26th of March at 10 am to the Geo Palapineta: a building in the middle of the pine wood of Parco del Mare that will house also other meetings about sailing. The exhibition will be installed on the large Piazza Marcello D’Olivo, that faces the beach, and along all the promenade of Lignano Pineta.

These two places allow the exhibition of large boats, because there aren’t problems of weight and room for the transport. For the first time, this year there will be also exhibitors coming from outside region, that is Veneto, Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna and Sicily, while as ever, will be involved the entire city of Lignano Sabbiadoro: authorities, sports clubs and cultural associations, dealers, hoteliers and especially mass media. They will be very important, because they will give emphasis to the event and together they will promote the beach of Lignano Sabbiadoro in a “dead” period.

One fof the aims of this boat show organized by Ente Fiere Lignano is also to create an event that can draw people in the seaside resort before and after the summer season, trying to extend the season or create moments of activities out of the summer. This idea has proved successful, because the events like Barcamania and Ruotamania (in spring and autumn) draw many visitors, which wish to spend the days on the beach, enjoying an interesting and good quality exhibition.

The opening of Barcamania will be in Piazza Marcello D’Olivo in Lignano Pineta Saturday 26th of March at 12 am.