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01Jun2011Hip Hop TV Beach Party

Hi hop Tv Beach Party Lignano

Hip hop music on the beach of Lignano the 4th of June

The beach of Kursaal Club in Lignano Riviera offers this year the first event dedicated only to hip hop music and culture: the “Hip Hop TV Beach Party”, Saturday 4th of June 2011.

this festival will be have as protagonists some among the best names of the Italian hip hop music in this moment, with already known artists and upcoming singers, which are as fighting as ever. From 6 pm of Saturday 4th of June, on the beach of Lignano Riviera in front of Kursaal discotheque will follow the Carnicats from Udine and Emis Killa from Milan, to give way to two hip hop artists like Dargen D’Amico and the Two Fingerz. But there will be the adrenaline performances of Marracash and Club Dogo to inflame the sand and the young people of Hip Hop TV Beach Party. These artists are among the major exponents of Italian hip hop and they conquered public with their biting music without frills.

Successful albums with national and international collaboration are decreeing the success and, thanks their style, it seems that the hip hop music is coming back in Italy with more and more positive feedback.

And this intense one-day-festival on the beach of Lignano will be a moment not to miss for all hip hop music lovers, but also for all people interested in the evolution of Italian music.

With this new event Kursaal Club opens the season of live festival on the beach of Lignano, whose most important is sure the “Lignano Dance and Festival”, which takes from 2008 artists like Bob Sinclar, Fatboy Slim, Steve Aoki, Crookers and many more. This festival is become a reference point for the lovers of dance, electro and house music, able to draws thousand of people from all Italy and neighbour states Austria, Croatia and Slovenian.

Kursaal wants to reach the same goal with “Hip Hop TV Beach Party”, that is to succeed in create a big hip hop event with national and international artists, promoting together also new talent, in a couple of years.

In addition this event takes a great novelty regarding the cost of tickets: ticket costs less in advance sale compared to the week before the concert.
This choice wants to reward all fans that bought immediately the ticket, but it was also a shared choice from all involved parts to draw up young people to concerts.

Don’t miss the first “Hip Hop TV Beach PartySaturday 4th of June, an event that will inflame the entire beach of Lignano and that opens officially the music and dance season on the golden beach.