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21Jul2011Record time at the International Meeting in Lignano

Tuesday 19th July took place in Lignano Sabbiadoro the 22nd International Meeting „Sport Solidarity” at the town stadium. The summer event, which has become an established meeting of all athletics disciplines, brings together champions coming from Italy and abroad.

Many famous names of Italian and regional athletics are mixed with big international stars looking for a world record and especially for an excellent performance in view of the upcoming world championship. This year the World Athletics Championships will take place in South Korea from 27th August to 4th September and the Meeting of Lignano is a very important moment to evaluate the training in view of this important event.

In Lignano Sabbiadoro there were important names on the track: first of all the Jamaican Team with Asafa Powell and Shelly-Ann Fraser in the lead, which since 2006 train on the tracks of Lignano Sabbiadoro, the American sprinter Tyson Gay with all the relay, the Russian jumper Elena Isinbayeva and Oscar Pistorius, a sporting personality at home in Lignano and in the entire Friuli, in search of the right time for London 2012.

And just Tuesday Oscar enhanced the thousands of spectators at the stadium, who cheered for him. Thanks also to the public, Pistorius got the time to participate in the World Championship in Korea in the 400 metres, the same time that would be sufficient to also access to the London Olympics in 2012. For the first time a disabled person will go to run with able-bodied in a World Championship, a goal pursued by Pistorius for so much time and got yesterday, the last possible opportunity to grab the necessary time and packing for South Korea.

But it was the right evening not only for Pistorius. The friulian track has been enlighted also by another star, indeed, by a lighting: the American relay 4×100 realized the world record, bringing Lignano Sabbiadoro into the international limelight. Also the Italian Anna Giordano Bruno has got a very good third place in the pole vaulting, where Russian Isinbayeva, awaited by the entire public, is unfortunately out of the race. The jumper has in fact failed the three tests on the measurement of 4,60 meters, which would be decisive for the victory.

In addition to the competitions for able-bodied, the International Meeting “Sport Solidarity” has also included many competitions for disabled people. Again there were many athletes with disabilities who were looking for the necessary time to accede to the London Paralympics 2012. Since 1990, the program of the Meeting includes competitions for disabled athletes and initially was almost a case unique in the world. In recent years, some champions were testimonials of this event, also running with disabled athletes, like Asafa Powell in several editions.

Last night was a magical evening for many athletes, but especially for the public that crowded the stands of the stadium. Not only fans, but also many tourists on holiday in Lignano wanted to be at this event rich in healthy sport with extraordinary athletes.

It is noteworthy that also this year’s Meeting of Lignano Sabbiadoro was completely free for the audience, who could lavish an offering.

14Jul2011In Lignano the European Masters Games

Mascot of European Masters Games in Lignano

Mascot of the EMG in Lignano Sabbiadoro from 10th to 20th September

Feverish preparations are under way in Lignano Sabbiadoro for the European Masters Games, which take place from 10th to 20th of September.

For the first time in Italy take place the European games for all “master”, or “senior”, or “veteran” athletes, that is for all sport lovers which are from 30/35 years old onwards. In fact, there is not an upper age limit, except for some sports. Participants may be former world or Olympic champions, national teams or athletes of clubs. But all must be members and the rules are established by the International Sports Federations.

So it is a real European Championship for those who still want to compete in his favourite sport, but it is off the “traditional” competitions due to the age.

European Masters Games will take place this year in the beautiful setting of the beach of Lignano, became a magnet for all sports thanks to the popularity received with EYOF (European Youth Olympic Festival), which took place in 2005.

On this occasion Lignano could show its sporting facilities, renewed and built for the festival: the town sports hall with a volleyball/basketball court and a five-a-side court, the sport complex with football courts (grass and synthetic) and the athletics track, a new sports hall immersed in the greenery and the brand new indoor swimming pool, pride of the Friulian beach. All these sporting facilities will be used also this September to host the different disciplines and, as for EYOF, in the hospitality will also involved the sporting facilities of other Friulian towns, from nearby Latisana to Udine, from Trieste to Grado, going through Gorizia, Campoformido up to Fagagna.

In early September Lignano will welcome thousands of people from all over Europe, including athletes, teachers and spectators. Already the committee has reached nearly 2000 athletes and there are still 20 days for the registration to the 21 different disciplines of this year. The deadline is in fact the 31st of July.

The highest number of members is in athletics for the moment, but there will be certainly last minute surprise. There also many members to Paralympic sports, that have been included in the program of European Masters Games in Lignano Sabbiadoro.

In addition to the numbers of participants and disciplines, also leaked rumours about the opening ceremony, which will take place on 11th September. It is said that it will be an innovative ceremony, realized exclusively by local to highlight the entire Friuli Venezia Giulia region.

In fact, these games will be an important showcase not only for the beach of Lignano Sabbiadoro, but for the entire region, even more committed to host major national and international sporting events, from the sea to the mountain.

During the opening ceremony there will be also a very special moment to remember the victims of the victims of the attack on the Twin Towers in New York, of which that day makes the tenth anniversary. It will be a very touching and significant moment, where sport will attest its proximity to the victims of this tragedy, but also it will continue its core values of “sport for life” and moment of union and fair contest between people of different countries.

With these games, the beach of Lignano Sabbiadoro is even more sports city, becoming an important point of reference in Europe not only for its natural beauty, but also for the sporting and accommodation facilities and for the good welcome all guests.