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Novembre – 2011 – Agenzia Teghil

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23Nov2011A special Christmas in Lignano

In Lignano we are already thinking about the Christmas time, indeed, the programme of the events is now ready with the cooperation of the historical association and of the new ones.

In the first line, as every year, we find Lignano in Fiore, the expert Gruppo Alpini and the new Pro Loco of Lignano Sabbiadoro set up of young people who want to work to give the tourists and inhabitants a very special Christmas.

The novelty of this year is the ice skating rink set up on the square in front of Terrazza a Mare in Lignano Sabbiadoro near the stand with the Sand Nativity. During the entire Christmas time it will be possible to ice-skate on the seashore, surrounded by the sand! A truly fantastic experience that surely will attract a large public, especially children. In Lignano it’s not every day that you can skate on ice…and a short walk from the sand, with which you play during the summer or on which you sunbathe!

The atmosphere will be the most magical and joyful: Christmas lights, soft songs, the salty tang of the sea, the laughter of children and the sweet smell of mulled wine from the kiosk run by the guys of the Pro Loco, proponents also of the ice rink, with the assistance of the indestructible members of the alpine troops of Lignano.

On the square in front of Terrazza a Mare we will find the beautiful Sand Crib, protected by a large tent even this year, which always attract a large flood of visitors. Made by the artists of the Sand Academy, the Crib organized by Lignano in Fiore let open-mouthed adults and children, thanks to the richness of details and famous figures hidden in the scene of the nativity. The little donation for the visit to the Sand Crib, for the hot chocolate or the and for the postcards, calendars and pictures of the crib goes to charity for the realization of important projects to help children and families in serious difficulty.

But there are some rumours about a “salty” surprise in the stand with the Sand Crib…maybe a salt sculpture?

We do not know, the secret will be revealed Monday 28th of November at 8.30 p.m. at the Civic Centre during the evening of presentation of the programme for the Christmas holidays in Lignano Sabbiadoro. We know that the Sand Crib and, consequently, the surprise will be open Saturday 17th December, while the ice rink Thursday 8th December. All this will be at available to visitors until after the Epiphany, a good period to visit the crib and to ice-skate.

A spectacular Christmas time in Lignano.