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05Oct2012A beautiful autumn in Lignano

Tagliamento Lignano Riviera

Natur along the river Tagliamento in Lignano Riviera

Even in autumn Lignano Sabbiadoro is beautiful: the leaves start to fall and colour the side-walks and the gardens yellow, red and orange, the beach is without beach umbrellas and the sea has always different colours.

During the rainy days Lignano offers special sensations and very evocative pictures. Not every day you can see Terrazza a Mare, sign of the summer and the beach, beaten by rain and waves. It is not yet the period of the sea storms, so these rains disappear without damage and, especially, the day after the sun shines again.

In this period the city of Lignano is a very loved place for walks on foot or by bicycle. During the weekend there are many people strolling on the beach and children can free run and play. Besides the weather is still hot for a match of beach volley or beach soccer with friends without bother other people. Even dogs are welcome and, in fact, there are many who run happy, looking for pieces of wood carried by tides and swimming.

In addition to the fun, the beach of Lignano offers the opportunity to breath fresh and pure air, excellent for the respiratory tract of children and adults. The walk on the sand, even with shoes, it is also a great way to improve the blood circulation and to massage the soles of the feet, with a range of benefits for the entire body.

Autumn in Lignano offers not only a beach to live in a different way, but also the nature to discover. Particularly suitable for those who want relaxation and silence of the nature, is the area of the mouth of the river Tagliamento on the beach of Lignano Riviera.

Here you can hear only the sound of the water and the call of the seagulls flying. The dunes with their vegetation enrich this stretch of beach, almost untouched. From the mouth it is possible to go up a small part of the river both on foot and by bicycle and so discover the beauty of Lignano Riviera, a green and quiet area rich in small streets with nice apartments and villas, and in cycle lanes along the river. A short walk from the mouth is located the tourist port Marina Uno and, always along the river on a comfortable road closed to the traffic, you can reach Punta Verde, another wonderful natural area known for the Zoo and the marina.

If the river in Lignano Riviera bosses the show, in Lignano Sabbiadoro is the lagoon to attract many looks.

Even her you can have nice walk along the embankment and admire its landscape surrounded by silence. You can discover another side of Lignano Sabbiadoro and go until the end of the city, where you can continue then on the pedestrian sea promenade and on the cycle path.

Even in autumn Lignano gives very good reasons for a visit. During the summer is the beach the protagonist, but nature that surrounds it enhances greatly the city and offers the possibility to discover very special places: river, sea and lagoon.

It is not easy to find a place that offers all this, but Lignano Sabbiadoro is that and much more.