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Giugno – 2017 – Agenzia Teghil

Archive for June 2017

30Jun2017August the 2nd and the 3rd 2017: SUP Race Lignano

The eighth edition of the Lignano SUP Race will take place on the first weekend in September at Marcello d’Olivo in Lignano Pineta. During the recent editions this competition hasachieved a great success thanks to the presence of athletes from Italy and from all over Europe. One of the goals of this race is to spread the passion for water sports, especially the SUP.

30Jun2017August 18th 2017: Festival Show

Thanks to the great success of last year, Lignano decided to repeat the Festival Show. This festival is the tour of the radio that every years gathers thousands people in the italian squares. The festival boasts a large number of famous italian and international guests. This years among the most awaited guests we can find: Francesca Michielin, Sergio Sylvestre, Benji e Fede, Al Bano, Alessio Bernabei, Elodie, Francesco Gabbani and Lele. In addition to these famous singers, there will be a competition between young singers in search of success.

30Jun2017August 11st 2017 Alvaro Soler’s concert

After the italian artist Tiziano Ferro, the stadium G. Teghil of Lignano has the pleasure of opening its doors to the spanish singer Alvaro Soler who is just 26 years old and already boasts 13 platinum disks and 26 gold disks. The artist will be accompained by a special guest who will be revealed soon.

29Jun2017July 29th 2017: The Color Run

For this year is planned the second and long awaited edition of “The Color Run”. The race is famous for being divided into 4 “color points” where competitors are covered in natural and coloured powder (obtained from maize starch). At the end of the race it takes place the final festival where colours turn out to be the main protagounists again. Each partecipant is also given a “race kit” in order to make the experience funnier and unforgettable.

29Jun20177 luglio: concerto di Francesco Gabbani

In seguito alla vittoria conseguita durante l’ultima edizione del Festival di San Remo, Francesco Gabbani arriverà a Lignano, unica tappa nella regione Friuli Venezia Giulia. Il cantante terrà il suo concerto presso l’Arena Alpe Adria alle ore 21.30. Per questo evento è previsto un gran numero di persone attratte soprattutto dal suo ultimo singolo ” Occidentali’s Karma “, tormentone che gli ha permesso di scalare le classifiche dell’estate 2017.