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20Jun2016Fireworks in Lignano Pineta : The burning of the Sea

Classic event for the day August 16, 2016 with the fireworks of Ferragosto in Lignano Pineta ! Like every year , during mid-August , the company Lignano Pineta with the contribution of various shopkeepers and attinità the seaside town offering visitors a magnificent spectacle pirotencico in Lignano " The burning of the sea " with new choreography forever strabigliare more audiences Pineta . The pioneer and inventor of this wonderful event is Ciro Manfredonia along the beach company manager . Again this year the launch pads will be 3 : Entering "a sea jetty " and 2 platforms in the sea , to make it even more fascinating this show pirotenico of August . The show will take place in Pineta between the pier and the beach office number 3 to 23:30 !

20Jun2016Air Show and Frecce Tricolori in Lignano Sabbiadoro at the 14th of August

A new appointment with the show of Frecce Tricolori in Lignano , this year also our seaside town and will be the testing ground for a long period , will also be a stage of the season 2016, so the PAN (aerobatic team) will perform in classic air show 2016, " W Lignano " . Date with all the lovers of this great group that has enchanted Italy on 14 August at 15:00 at the beach promenade of Trieste in Lignano Sabbiadoro . Main center and point of security vehicles , the armed forces , directed by Commander , at beach office number 11.


Also this year reaches the final of the Super Lignano Beach 5 's Rugby ! We wait 16 to 17 at the Lignano Beach Arena , between beach office nr # 6/7 , Viale Europa, for the 16th international cup , a great chance to see the champions of rugby ! The tournament has the goal of promoting the sport of SUPER BEACH RUGBY 5 's international and Worldwide

20Jun2016Concert at dawn to the summer solstice Tuesday, June 21, 2016

At 5:30 on June 21 , at dawn on the summer solstice , the Academy String Arrigoni of San Vito al Tagliamento with the famous violinist Lea Birringher and direction of Domenico Marson , will perform the 4 Seasons by Vivaldi at the Faro Rosso Lignano Sabbiadoro .

16Jun201627 th International Meeting “SPORT AND SOLIDARITY”

The day 13 July 2016 at the G Teghil stadium in Lignano Sabbiadoro will take place the 27th international meeting "SPORT AND SOLIDARITY" organized by "New Athletic del Friuli" which will gather more than 200 professional athletes from 30 countries around the world including which we will also see athletes who will participate in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, like Shelly-Ann Fraser the third time world Olympic champion of 100 meters (first Jamaican athlete to win a gold medal on the discipline). In addition it will also reserved a space for athletes with disabilities, as with the first edition. Participation in the 27th International Meeting of Athletics Light is completely free, you can give an offer at the entrance, the proceeds will be donated to support organizations involved in the area in favor of people with disabilities.

Stadio Comunale 'G.Teghil', Viale Europa 144 - Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD)

New Athletic from Friuli - Phone. +39 0432 42849

15Jun2016Hemingway Award : 32 th edition

He comes to the XXXII edition of the prestigious literary event Ernest Hemingway in Lignano Sabbiadoro; The award is also an opportunity to discover or rediscover the spectacular landing of one of the most known and loved writers of all time which defined Lignano, Friuli small peninsula between Venice and Trieste, and its lagoon “The Florida of Italy”. Hemingway fact retired in Lignano in different periods of his life and because of it, as a sign of gratitude, the Friulian seaside resort dedicated to Ernest Hemingway its public park and created the award that has a roll of honor of the highest profile. The award ceremony will be held at Cinecity Lignano, in the presence of the jury Alberto Garlini, Gian Mario Villalta, Pierluigi Cappello and Italo Zannier, and Aharon Appelfeld winners, Massimo Cacciari, Luis Sepúlveda and George Tate.
Lead Massimo Cirri and Marta Zoboli.

You can find more information than the award and looking at the various appointments in the event’s official website: http://www.premiohemingway.it/edizione-2016/

13Jun2016The Color Run 23 luglio a Lignano Sabbiadoro

Color_Run_Lignano_2016 Arriva anche a Lignano uno degli eventi più apprezzati dai giovani : la The Color Run! Attrezzatevi di vecchie scarpe da corsa e portate con voi i vostri amici più pazzi: ogni partecipante alla Color Runriceverà il proprioRace Kit incluso nella quota diiscrizione, prima di andare alla linea di partenza, dove potrà trovare l’ ufficiale maglietta biancadella corsachead ogni chilometro (in totale sono 5) si colorerà di scintillanti polveri colorate 100% naturali. Infine conmagnificispari di coloree lamiglioremusicatuttii partecipanti della Color Run festeggeranno insieme il festival! Sipuò partecipare come runner individuale o come team (minimo 4 persone)

Alleghiamo quil’URL per le iscrizioni alla corsa: https://www.enternow.it/iol/index.jsp?idms=1044

Data 23/07/2016

Orari The Color Run Village 11.30 – 22.30 , Partenza Corsa 19.00

05Nov2013Autumn in Lignano

Days get shorter, leaves fall down, the beach is emptying out but you’ll always find something to do in Lignano !

There is street of shopping in Sabbiadoro with various shops and boutiques still opened. Children can play and run freely on the beach and dogs are welcome as well. For lovers of open air don’t forget bicycle’s paths in Sabbiadoro and Riviera with panoramic view on the lagoon and the river Tagliamento, or the “Parco Hemingway” in Pineta with inside a fitness trail and the photographic exhibition about the famous writer.

Waht are you waiting for? There is something to all tastes !!

06Mar2013First weekend of visitors in Lignano

The last weekend, thanks to the good weather, mild and sunny, and the “Festa delle Cape”, Lignano had two days rich in visitors.

Lignano Pineta was particularly crowded, thanks to the famous fish festival that draws many people from neighbouring for 29 years. In the afternoon, after lunch, the beach in front of the stands was full of people walking and under the sun it was just fine!

Many children took advantage of these days to run on the sand and build the early sand castles with the parents, or to play with its own dog, because until the start of the bathing season they can run free on the sand.

Sunday morning Piazza Marcello D'Olivo was more crowded both of fish lovers and of fans of the Vespa. Just there it was the meeting point for the 2nd Vespa Rally in Lignano, that run across the lower Friuli in a wonderful tour in the nature until Latisana and back.

Once in Lignano, all Vespa were parked on the square and while the riders were having lunch at the “Festa delle Cape”, many visitors admired these jewels.

Among the stages of the visitors in Lignano, a walk along the pedestrian street in Sabbiadoro. Despite the most part of shops and cafés were closed, see the avenue in winter without the summer crowd has something magical… and then a stop in one the open bars for a hot tea or even an aperitif before dinner is a must.

The children sure had fun on the beach, but also in the park San Giovanni Bosco, in city centre Lignano Sabbiadoro, a playground with swings and slides and benches for the relaxation of the adults.

For this weekend, Lignano is still waiting for many visitors, even if the weather forecast says bad weather.
There will be again the “Festa delle Cape” in Pineta and even there, the Nordic Walking on the beach. So, there are the conditions for another beautiful weekend with many people in the city and on the beach.

Maybe once at home, some visitors will book a holiday in Lignano Sabbiadoro, to be sure to spend even this summer a relaxing and amusing moment.

22Feb2013Confirmed three important events for the spring in Lignano

In these days the calendar of the events for the spring in Lignano begins to fill increasingly and with great pleasure we see that three important events have been confirmed: the “Festa delle Cape”, “Lignano in Fiore” and the “Bikerfest International”.

While the first two are traditional events in Lignano Sabbiadoro, able to attract thousands of visitors during the weekends of low season, the “Bikerfest International” has been a bet of the last year. An excellent bet! Hundreds of bikes, many events, thousands of bikers and fans of bikes from all over Europe have brightened up the second weekend of May.

Given the great success and the positive feedback from the entire city, the Bikerfest has been confirmed in Lignano Sabbiadoro even this year, May 9 to 12.
A period where the sun shines, the city starts to welcome the tourists in the weekends and offers beautiful moments of entertainment.

“Bikerfest International” gives also this year many events, with masterpieces on two wheels from all over Europe, test of official bikes of the best motorcycle teams, concerts, shows, exhibitions of stunt men and motorcycle rides.

For those who concerns the other events, their confirmation shows the strength of voluntary organizations of Lignano that organize them and also the appreciation by the whole community and the many visitors.

As always the “Festa delle Cape” (Mussel Festival) takes place in Lignano Pineta in Piazza Marcello D'Olivo March 2-3 and 9-10.
Under the big stands, visitors will taste also this year very good fish dishes cooked in a traditional way and there will be events to enliven the moment of lunch and dinner. If there will be good weather, these two weekends will see the first invasion of Lignano: in fact the square is full of people coming from neighbouring towns and also the inhabitants of Lignano meet here after the long winter.
It is a very important moment for everyone, because it marks the start of the spring in Lignano and of the bathing season, especially since this year Easter, traditionally the time of opening of many businesses, is Sunday, March 31.

In April is the moment of the 27th “Lignano in Fiore”, wonderful festival that takes place at Hemingway Park in Lignano Pineta during the weekend April 20-21, 25 to 28 and May 1.
A festival for everyone, adults and children, that can have fun in the nature with many events, can taste the specialities of the different Italian regions and buy flowers, plants and garden furniture. Also this year there will be the cuisine of “Lignano in Fiore” with the fantastic grilled rib to taste with friends.

Don't forget then that this event is organized by “Lignano in Fiore Onlus” a voluntary organization that helps the families in difficulty of the region and makes projects of solidarity in the poorest parts of the world. Proceeds of the event will come useful to finance these projects, so the contribution of the visitors is vital!

With these three great events, the spring in Lignano is already beautiful and very attractive for many visitors.

Of course it does not end here, because there are many other events like book presentations, concerts, seminars on the history of jazz music, regattas, sporting events outdoors and in the gym…not to mention the Easter holidays in Lignano Sabbiadoro!

The months before the starting of the bathing season are rich in events to prepare tourist at a wonderful summer holiday in Lignano.