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21Dec2012Merry Christmas!

Happy holidays

Happy holidays and happy 2013!

A very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from the team of the agency Teghil.

In this period, even the agency enjoys the Christmas holidays and gets ready for the next summer season with the renewal of its apartments in Lignano and the publication of the new price list.

In Lignano now you can have fun with the Christmas event, the visit to the Sand Nativity and the exhibition of the cribs in Terrazza a Mare, with the shopping at the Christmas market and ice-skating on the ice rink. Not to mention then the New Year’s Eve and the Epiphany, two moments in which Lignano Sabbiadoro celebrate with a lot of events.

Between a present and a lunch, the agency invites you in Lignano for a walk in this beautiful Christmas atmosphere and wishes you again happy holidays!

14Dec2012The Christmas program in Lignano Sabbiadoro

Lignano Christmas New Year's Eve

The programma for Christmas time in Lignano Sabbiadoro

Last week started the Christmas events in Lignano Sabbiadoro.

The program “Natale d’A…mare” even this year is very rich with events during the week mostly for children and in the weekends for everybody.
Workshops of Christmas decorations and cookies, readings of fairy tales and shows, concerts in front of Terrazza a Mare and in the elegant Sala Darsena, the Sand Nativity, the ice rink, the Christmas market…a lot of things to see!

We start from Saturday, December 15th, with the live concert in front of Terrazza a Mare at 5 pm and Sunday, December 16th with the reading by the Zoo Punta Verde and Parents’ Group “The nature in fairy tales” at 2.30 pm this time inside Terrazza a Mare. At 5 pm in auditorium San Giovanni Bosco in Lignano Sabbiadoro the University of Third Age offers the comedy “The Merry Widows”.

Tuesday, December 18th at 3 pm in library children have fun with the reading “Christmas in fairy tale”, while the babies celebrate Christmas at the nursery of Lignano at 5 pm.

Wednesday, December 19th in Sala Darsena at 6 pm for the festival “Lignano d’Inverno” (Lignano in Winter) there will be the performance of the students of the school of music of Lignano Sabbiadoro and, to end the day, at 8.45 Terrazza a Mare welcomes the event “In the name of the mother”.

Thursday, December 20th, the Cathedral of Lignano becomes the protagonist of the beautiful Christmas Concert with the string orchestra, soprano and tenor, while the day after there will be the Gospel Concert of the Children.

Saturday, December 22nd is a full day: we start at 11.30 am in the middle school with the music performance of the pupils and we goes on in the afternoon in the pool of the Ge.Tur. Village for the Christmas Party in the Pool and the closing ceremony of the project “Stappa la Solidarietà” at 3 pm. At 5 pm everybody outside on the square in front of Terrazza a Mare for the live concert by association Suonidoro.

December 23rd children and parents meet together in the auditorium in Sabbiadoro for the Christmas cookies at 2.30 pm and then everyone early to bed, because the day after is full of events.

At 3 pm in Chiaruttini area in Lignano Pineta there is the Christmas Party for children and then for adults, at 6.30 comes Santa Claus in Piazza San Giovanni Bosco in Sabbiadoro and, for those who resist, at midnight there is the suggestive Mass.

After few days of quiet, the events for the New Year’s Eve start.

Friday, December 28th at 4 pm there is the traditional tombola in Terrazza a mare, Saturday the live concert at 5 pm and at 8 pm the comedy “Ellis Island”.

December 30th we can hear the bands of Lignano thanks to Concert KM Zero at 8.30 in Piazza Fontana.

December 31st Lignano offers two parties: one for the children in Piazza San Giovanni Bosco at 3.30 pm with shows, music and entertainment, the other for adults in Piazza Fontana at 9 pm. Once struck the midnight, fireworks light up the beach of Lignano Sabbiadoro.

The New Year starts with the Gospel Concert in Piazza Fontana and, without realizing, the Epiphany comes. As tradition, Saturday, January 5th, after the performance of the band of Lignano there will be the arrival of the Befana with sweets for good children and the lighting of the bonfire on the sand.

The last event of the Christmas event is the Arrival of the Magi Sunday, January 6th at 4 pm in front of Terrazza a Mare.

A calendar busy busy for everyone, children and adults, with a large variety of events, without forgetting the Sand Nativity, the ice rink, the Christmas market and the exhibition of cribs in Terrazza a Mare.

This year the Christmas in Lignano is something truly exceptional.

We wait to celebrate with us!

27Nov2012Waiting for Christmas, we walk in Lignano

In a very few weeks in Lignano will be opened the Sand Nativity and with this event will start officially the celebrations for the Christmas time in the city.

The complete and detailed program has been not yet published, but it is already known that Saturday, December 8th, there will be the opening of the Nativity and together also the opening of the ice-skating rink and of the Christmas market along the shopping street in Sabbiadoro.

During this time there will be several concerts and events, that will accompany us until January 5th, 2013 with the usual “foghera”, bonfire, on the beach, not to forget the New Year’s Eve in the square.

But if all this seems still a long way off, Lignano thanks to the good weather in spite of the period, offers the opportunity to walk far and wide.
In these last days many people were strolling at the beach, both for its particular health and for the curiosity to see it after the recent sea storms. The sea has removed different part of the beach, especially in Lignano Pineta in the area of Kursaal, and left on the beach logs and branches.
A very different panorama, but equally fascinating, that attracted many onlookers armed with a camera.

Now works are proceeding at full speed to rearrange the beach of Lignano, but some points, like the pier of the red lighthouse and of the Pagoda, are still closed for safety reason.

But there is not only the beach…
With a walk in Lignano you can discover many beauties that in the summer miss. For example the beautiful church of Santa Maria del Mare immersed in the pine wood before the pedestrian area in Sabbiadoro. During the summer it is one of the most busy streets of Lignano, but many people don’t see it, just trying to reach the city centre.

On the sea promenade you can discover enchanting small villas, like the historical villa on the corner with Via Friuli. Very picturesque, well maintained and with a splendid view, it is one of the jewels of Lignano. Just like the small houses of the earlier fishermen at the end of Lungomare Marin. Immersed in large gardens, close together, in a place where even in the summer there is quiet, they seem to belong to another world. But it is always Lignano, the beach of hundreds of thousands of tourists each summer, that magically turns in a treasure to be discovered in winter.

Of course the beauties do not end there. The same pedestrian zone in Sabbiadoro without all the people becomes a small work of art, such as the sea promenade. In Lignano Pineta and Lignano Riviera you enter in another world, immersed in the nature with breathtaking views at any time of the day and in any weather.

It seems a different city, but we are in Lignano, beach of the summer holiday that in winter becomes a city to explore by walking.

23Dec2011Countdown to Christmas

Merry Christmas from Agency Teghil

In very few hours comes Christmas, a so awaited feast by children for presents and also by adults for the encounter with their loved ones.

In a festive and cheerful atmosphere, the beach of Lignano offers its inhabitants and tourists, who want to spend some hours in the seaside resort, a series of events suitable for everyone.

We start from Piazza Fontana, the heart of Lignano even during the winter: here, until the Epiphany, there will be possible to visit the Sand Crib and a small salt crib, new of this year, both made by expert sculptors. A few steps, the ice rink offers the chance to ice skating watching the beautiful sea of Lignano, while the near kiosk offers mulled wine, hot chocolate and tea. A few steps from here, in San Giovanni Bosco park, a carousel is open every day.

The Eve and the Christmas day will not miss the parties in the clubs of Lignano, with aperitifs and appetizers for everyone. A wonderful opportunity to exchange greetings and spend some time with friends.

In Lignano Pineta will open the big crib few metres from the entrance of the city. A historical moment, where inhabitants of this area meet in the afternoon to drink a glass of wine and exchange greetings in front of the traditional work.

On 24th December there will be a beautiful Mass in Lignano Sabbiadoro where children will be involved and, soon after, Santa Claus will come with presents for everyone.

There are just some of the Christmas events in Lignano Sabbiadoro, the rest we leave you to discover.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year by agency Teghil.

23Nov2011A special Christmas in Lignano

In Lignano we are already thinking about the Christmas time, indeed, the programme of the events is now ready with the cooperation of the historical association and of the new ones.

In the first line, as every year, we find Lignano in Fiore, the expert Gruppo Alpini and the new Pro Loco of Lignano Sabbiadoro set up of young people who want to work to give the tourists and inhabitants a very special Christmas.

The novelty of this year is the ice skating rink set up on the square in front of Terrazza a Mare in Lignano Sabbiadoro near the stand with the Sand Nativity. During the entire Christmas time it will be possible to ice-skate on the seashore, surrounded by the sand! A truly fantastic experience that surely will attract a large public, especially children. In Lignano it’s not every day that you can skate on ice…and a short walk from the sand, with which you play during the summer or on which you sunbathe!

The atmosphere will be the most magical and joyful: Christmas lights, soft songs, the salty tang of the sea, the laughter of children and the sweet smell of mulled wine from the kiosk run by the guys of the Pro Loco, proponents also of the ice rink, with the assistance of the indestructible members of the alpine troops of Lignano.

On the square in front of Terrazza a Mare we will find the beautiful Sand Crib, protected by a large tent even this year, which always attract a large flood of visitors. Made by the artists of the Sand Academy, the Crib organized by Lignano in Fiore let open-mouthed adults and children, thanks to the richness of details and famous figures hidden in the scene of the nativity. The little donation for the visit to the Sand Crib, for the hot chocolate or the and for the postcards, calendars and pictures of the crib goes to charity for the realization of important projects to help children and families in serious difficulty.

But there are some rumours about a “salty” surprise in the stand with the Sand Crib…maybe a salt sculpture?

We do not know, the secret will be revealed Monday 28th of November at 8.30 p.m. at the Civic Centre during the evening of presentation of the programme for the Christmas holidays in Lignano Sabbiadoro. We know that the Sand Crib and, consequently, the surprise will be open Saturday 17th December, while the ice rink Thursday 8th December. All this will be at available to visitors until after the Epiphany, a good period to visit the crib and to ice-skate.

A spectacular Christmas time in Lignano.