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05Nov2013Autumn in Lignano

Days get shorter, leaves fall down, the beach is emptying out but you’ll always find something to do in Lignano !

There is street of shopping in Sabbiadoro with various shops and boutiques still opened. Children can play and run freely on the beach and dogs are welcome as well. For lovers of open air don’t forget bicycle’s paths in Sabbiadoro and Riviera with panoramic view on the lagoon and the river Tagliamento, or the “Parco Hemingway” in Pineta with inside a fitness trail and the photographic exhibition about the famous writer.

Waht are you waiting for? There is something to all tastes !!

07Aug2012Festival Show 2012 at the Beach Arena

Festival Show Lignano Beach Arena

Festival Show, music event on the beach of Lignano Sabbiadoro

August, 13th, at the Beach Arena in Lignano Sabbiadoro there will be the XIII Festival Show, musical show that touches the main towns of North-East Italy.

Even this year, Radio Birikina and Radio Bella&Monella set in motion this beautiful show, free entrance, to offer all the possibility to spend an evening of good music and to discover new singers.

In Lignano Sabbiadoro will perform many Italian singers, such as Eugenio Finardi, Sonohra, Gigliola Cinquetti, the winner of the TV-show “Amici 2012” Gerardo Pulli, Irene Fargo, Davide Mogavero, Silvia Salemi, The Bastard Sons of Dioniso and much more.

There will be a lot of Italian music for everyone: for the young girls and the adults.

Festival Show offers, in fact, a good choice of singers in every square to meet a broad range of public and create an evening of festival for all.

with its perfectly set stage at the Beach Arena, the show is always fascinating. The nice setting of the beach of Lignano Sabbiadoro offers a particularly beautiful evening and draws a lot of people, which can dance and accompany the singers’ performances directly on the sand or on the spacious terraces. Sure this year, thanks also to the date very close to August 15th, Festival Show can enjoy a lot of crowd, that can reach the location from their apartments in Lignano on foot or by bicycle.

Lignano will be one of the last stage in Lignano. On September 5th we will know the names of the winners, but it is not all.

From September 9th to 15th the protagonists of Festival Show will continue to entertain the audience in a tour on board the “Mariner of the Seas”, cruise ship of Royal Caribbean. Italian guests of this cruise will enjoy the music of singers of festival.

Festival Show is also connected with the beauty contest “Miss Kaos”. Beautiful girls will model in each stage to win the crown combined with the famous clothing brand of Bologna. Even in Lignano there will be the catwalk for the girls, which will model with Kaos Clothes and with bathing suit.

To spend an evening of music and fun, do not miss the Festival Show at Beach Arena in Lignano Sabbiadoro, August 13th.

11Jan2012In Lignano more than 30.000 visitors during Christmas time

The data are not yet official, but the first reports speak of over 30.000 visitors in Lignano during the Christmas period.
Especially these numbers come from the association “Lignano in Fiore”, which managed the traditional Sand Crib, mounted on the square in front of Terrazza a Mare.

Open from early December until the weekend after Epiphany, the Sand Crib has attracted thousands of visitors from Lignano and neighbouring towns. The setting, different every year, this winter was about sea, in particular all the human activities related to it. For this reason, among the typical village with scenes of everyday life, fishermen hauling in the nets, fishmongers and many other statues, the Nativity was represented on a boat and not in the traditional hut, perfectly inserted in the totality of sculpture.

Besides the great Sand Crib, you could admire also other statues of sand always in marine theme, like the lighthouse 6 meter high. In addition to these sculptures, this year the association “Lignano in Fiore” wanted to offer also the novelty of statues of salt, always carved by experts.

To see this work, over 30.000 visitors, many of them children.

To determine the success of the event “Lignano d’a…mare”, the name of the program of events related to the Christmas celebrations on the beach of Lignano, there were also the kiosk and the ice rink. The kiosk offered many drinks, hot beverages and tasty sandwiches, while the ice rink has been assaulted by children from morning until evening. A lot of fun for them and a break and moment of comfort for parents, few steps from the beach and the sea of Lignano…almost an invitation for a walk. In fact, thanks also to the good weather and the sun, many persons took advantage for a relaxing and, at the same time, reinvigorating walk on the seashore, awaiting to see it again during the summer to spend the holiday in Lignano.

These days have been also a chance to make a tour in the central area of the city and to begin to get an idea about apartments in Lignano for the next summer. Even if it is only January, tourist agencies receive the first reservations and who is already planning the holidays, has the advantageous option to choose from a wide range of apartments and villas in Lignano Sabbiadoro.

The program of Christmas events in the city contributed also to this, in addition to having been a great influx of visitors.
Moreover, the proposal of activities and events even during months outside the summer helps to make Lignano a lively city during all year round, always ready to welcome and impress visitors and tourists.

15Mar2011Barcamania 2011

Barcamania in Lignano Pineta

The 4th exhibition of boats in Lignano Pineta

For the fourth year comes again in Lignano Pineta in Piazza Marcello D’Olivo the nautical kermess Barcamania.

This year the outdoor boat show will take place at the end of March, instead at the end of February, more exactly in the weekends of 25th, 26th and 27th of March and 1st, 2nd and 3rd of April. The chose to postpone the event concerns solely the chace to enjoy of a better climate, more mild, and so to draw in the seaside resort, in a period far from the bathing season, hundresd visitors.

The fourth Barcamania has been presented by Danila Ciotta, president of Ente Fiere Lignano, the 8th of March in Udine in Palazzo Belgrado and it has focused the attention not only on the sea and its satellite industries, but also on the several waterways in the region Friuli Venezia Giulia. In the region there are 800 km of navigable rivers, that must be reappraised and developed first of all from the naturalistic point of view and then economic.

Rivers like Stella and Tagliamento offer a wonderful naturalistic treasure: fauna and flora which change every few meters, with the chance to discover it by boat. Concerning the river Stella, its mouth has a very important naturalistic interest and for this reason it is a Regional Natural Park with the name “Foci dello Stella” (Mouths of the Stella). The river Tagliamento is a feature of Lignano, because its mouth marks out the western border of the seaside resort and offers the beautiful marina Marina Uno in Lignano Riviera.

The topic of the regional rivers and their revitalization from the economic point of view will be discussed in a meeting Saturday 26th of March at 10 am to the Geo Palapineta: a building in the middle of the pine wood of Parco del Mare that will house also other meetings about sailing. The exhibition will be installed on the large Piazza Marcello D’Olivo, that faces the beach, and along all the promenade of Lignano Pineta.

These two places allow the exhibition of large boats, because there aren’t problems of weight and room for the transport. For the first time, this year there will be also exhibitors coming from outside region, that is Veneto, Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna and Sicily, while as ever, will be involved the entire city of Lignano Sabbiadoro: authorities, sports clubs and cultural associations, dealers, hoteliers and especially mass media. They will be very important, because they will give emphasis to the event and together they will promote the beach of Lignano Sabbiadoro in a “dead” period.

One fof the aims of this boat show organized by Ente Fiere Lignano is also to create an event that can draw people in the seaside resort before and after the summer season, trying to extend the season or create moments of activities out of the summer. This idea has proved successful, because the events like Barcamania and Ruotamania (in spring and autumn) draw many visitors, which wish to spend the days on the beach, enjoying an interesting and good quality exhibition.

The opening of Barcamania will be in Piazza Marcello D’Olivo in Lignano Pineta Saturday 26th of March at 12 am.

27Sep2010Autumn is coming in Lignano

In few days the bathing season in Lignano Sabbiadoro ends permanently.

The official closing was been September, Sunday 19th, but different beach offices decided to stay open until the end of September to offer tourists beach umbrellas, deck-chairs and all services. This act was greatly appreciated by hotels and agencies of Lignano open until the end of the month, that has been able to offer their guests the same beach service also after the official closing of the bathing season. The beach service was available for all tourists, not only those who stayed in apartments in Lignano Sabbiadoro, but even commuters, that enjoyed free the last sunny days. In fact, until the end of September, beach umbrellas and deck-chairs were free for all.

During these last days, Lignano enjoyed a good weather with a beautiful sun that allowed also some hours of tanning. The good weather allowed also excursions by bike and strolls along the pedestrian zone, although during the week there are very few tourists: schools have started and the holiday from the offices has ended. It is possible to see some foreign tourists, mostly Austrians, who enjoy the last warm days in Lignano. On weekends there would be surely many more people in the seaside resort, both commuters and holidaymakers, but unfortunately the rain and then the wind discouraged a lot of people. It is not uncommon see the centre of Lignano Sabbiadoro and the beach flooded with tourists during sunny and warm weekends of the autumn months.

And to best prepare for the upcoming summer season, the city is already thinking to events, where sports, music and shows on the sand will be again the protagonists of the summer. Sure there will be the traditional show with Frecce Tricolori (Tricolour Arrows) and the fireworks the 15th August in Sabbiadoro and the Incendio del Mare (Burning See) in Pineta, together with concerts of Italian and international stars. Concerning the sport, in late July and early August is already the confirmation of two triangular football meetings with teams of A league, including Udinese (football team of Udine) and the highlight of the year in early September with Master Game. The Master Olympics will bring thousands of athletes from all nations with their trainers and carers and it will be an event of great international importance.

But before that time, there will be other events and meetings especially in the Beach Arena, that will have a new look this winter like Terrazza a Mare. The two symbols of the beach of Lignano Sabbiadoro, always crowded with people and point of reference for tourists, will be renovated during the winter and the work will start already in autumn.

The season is not yet completely finished , because September from 24th to 26th and October from 1st to 3rd, there will be Ruotamania, show of the wheel from its origins to the present day, in Lignano Pineta.

And who wants to discover Lignano in winter, Christmas and New Year period is the right time: lights, Christmas trees and events to celebrate.
All this waiting for next summer in the beautiful beach of Lignano Sabbiadoro.

08Apr2010The season kicks off with Lignano in Fiore

Lignano in Fiore

Lignano in Fiore: Flower Festival and Solidarity

The Festa delle Cape and Barcamania in Lignano Pineta gave the first signs of the beginning of the summer season and brought in the seaside resort many tourists during the week ends of March. In April, after Easter, is the moment of Lignano in Fiore or of the most famous of Flowers’ Festival in Hemingway Park.

With this event the seaside resort awakes completely, because the organization attracts a lot of inhabitants and more and more visitors, who take advantage of the mild climate to book a holiday at the agencies of Lignano. This year the Flowers’ Festival will be longer than usual: it goes from Saturday the 17th of April until Sunday the 2nd of May, including two important national celebration, the 25th of April and the 1st of May. Sure during these two week ends, a lot of families will be take the advantage of the beautiful festival for a picnic in the green Hemingway Park, where will be present also many shows for children.

The programme is very rich, with a particular attention to the families: puppeteers, theatre of the children, animation and performance of dance and gymnastic school. In addition, the 25th of April will be a special day for all: a group of children coming from Palestine and another group coming from Israel will play together the ukulele, to demonstrate that peace can exist. In the same afternoon, all are invited on the beach of Lignano for tossing hundreds of coloured balloons as a sign of peace. The sky will have the colours of the rainbow and all children will run and play free on the golden sand of the beach that welcomes them during the summer holiday.

Lignano in Fiore offers also interesting moments for adults, through meetings and interviews about subjects like the growth of the children, parent-child relationship, doping in the sport, school and more. All that with experts, in order to involve those present in a constructive debate.

Through this big festival, Lignano in Fiore wants to focus the attention on solidarity, on helping children in difficulty both in the surroundings and in the remote places. Every year the money raised from the event is invested in projects for the construction of wells in Africa, for a cowshed and the purchase of cows for children in Tibet, for the victims of Tsunami and of other catastrophic events worldwide. All this without forgetting the families and the children of Lignano and surroundings.

Flowers, games, laughters and joy are not an end in themselves in Lignano in Fiore, but go beyond.

For this reason the Flowers’ Festival is successful with public and volunteers, ready to help in kitchen, stands and wherever there is need.

This year, thanks to the holidays, organizers expect a more large turnout, especially during the 1st May week end. The air is warmer, the fun of the tan are already on the beach, shops and accommodation facilities are open and the shows in Hemingway Park are at the peak. In addition, a lot of agencies offer special prices for the rental of apartments in Lignano in this period, and the villas near the park are in great demand.

Do not miss Lignano in Fiore, you can have fun in a place immersed in the green and you will help many children.

24Sep2009The sun is still shining in Lignano

A warm and sunny September doesn’t make regret the end of the summer season. Apart few days of intense downpours, the first autumn month offered always good weather, ideal to spend some more days on the beach of Lignano Sabbiadoro on the Adriatic Sea.

Dealers, restaurateurs and owners of hotels and apartments of Lignano Sabbiadoro will meet in a few days to discuss the trend of the summer 2009, that looks unexpectedly positive. Indeed, at the beginning, the season promised to be not so bright, due to the difficult economic trend, and therefore nobody expected to close the season with a positive sign. Instead, according to the first rumours of the vice-president of Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, it seems that the numbers are very good also for the second half of the summer season.

The success of the summer 2009 in Lignano is due to different elements, including the warm and good weather, interrupted only in June and a few days ago by rains. Also the current economic situation has contributed somehow to the positive trend of the seaside resort: people preferred known and closer destinations, reachable by car, instead of far beaches and cities. A change of habits that affects also the period of stay. Besides the accentuation of commuting on weekends, different tourists chose to spend few days on holiday, but to come back in the seaside resort more times.

A part of the success must be assigned to the businessmen that invested in their businesses offering a ever more high standard to the guests. Also the rental agencies of Lignano invested and renovated their holiday apartments and thanks to these acts can be satisfied with the just passed season. Tourists now look for the quality, due also to the economic situation: the budget must be well invested to spend in the better way the few days of holiday. In this way good quality is the first feature that tourists look for, and apartments of Lignano, thanks to the investments made by rental and real-estate agencies, were rewarded by customers.

Now the city is waiting only the official data, that will be presented in a few days in the convening of dealers, restaurateurs and owners of hotels and apartments in Lignano Sabbiadoro. Besides the results of the tourist season just passed, the meeting will be also the chance to lay the foundations for new projects and ideas for the next summer and to propose a range of new offers to tourists.

It is through this spirit that, despite the crisis, the beach of Lignano Sabbiadoro has a very good summer 2009. A sign of its ability to suggest itself as destination for the beach holidays affordable for all.

01Jul2009New website for the apartments in Lignano of Teghil Agency

The Teghil agency begins the summer 2009 with a big news: a completely renewed website with a lot of functionalities, more information and a new graphics.

On this website tourists will find all the necessary information not only about the villas and the apartments for rent in Lignano Sabbiadoro of the agency, but also useful news about the friulian beach and a calender of events in the seaside resort and its surrounding. The website of Teghil agency is a complete website, able to offer to tourists news and useful tools to plan in advance the beach holiday in Lignano.

Among the present functions, the most important is the internal search engine to know the availability in real time of the accommodations offered by the agency. Users can put some search parameters like the date of arrival, the weeks of stay and the number of rooms and the search engine will show in few seconds only the buildings that respond to the parameters. And if users are not satisfied, they can click on the “Our houses” page and watch all villas and apartments in Lignano Sabbiadoro: the map of the seaside resort and the informative cards of the accommodations give all necessary information for the choice.

In addition to the description and the pictures of the house and its services, to the prices and to the location on the map of Lignano, these cards offer also the tool “Save”. This new tool allows users to save and to compare the most suitable villas and apartments and so to easily choose the accommodation.

And who wants an all inclusive holiday, Teghil agency suggests also the on-line reservation of the beach umbrella in Lignano Sabbiadoro. In this way guests of the agency can enjoy their beach holiday since the first moment.

Special offers and the page of villas and apartments for sale, for those who fall in love with Lignano are present in the new version of the website. The presentation of the agency, the info request and the information about Lignano and surroundings complete the website.

What else? Welcome in Lignano!