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22Feb2013Confirmed three important events for the spring in Lignano

In these days the calendar of the events for the spring in Lignano begins to fill increasingly and with great pleasure we see that three important events have been confirmed: the “Festa delle Cape”, “Lignano in Fiore” and the “Bikerfest International”.

While the first two are traditional events in Lignano Sabbiadoro, able to attract thousands of visitors during the weekends of low season, the “Bikerfest International” has been a bet of the last year. An excellent bet! Hundreds of bikes, many events, thousands of bikers and fans of bikes from all over Europe have brightened up the second weekend of May.

Given the great success and the positive feedback from the entire city, the Bikerfest has been confirmed in Lignano Sabbiadoro even this year, May 9 to 12.
A period where the sun shines, the city starts to welcome the tourists in the weekends and offers beautiful moments of entertainment.

“Bikerfest International” gives also this year many events, with masterpieces on two wheels from all over Europe, test of official bikes of the best motorcycle teams, concerts, shows, exhibitions of stunt men and motorcycle rides.

For those who concerns the other events, their confirmation shows the strength of voluntary organizations of Lignano that organize them and also the appreciation by the whole community and the many visitors.

As always the “Festa delle Cape” (Mussel Festival) takes place in Lignano Pineta in Piazza Marcello D'Olivo March 2-3 and 9-10.
Under the big stands, visitors will taste also this year very good fish dishes cooked in a traditional way and there will be events to enliven the moment of lunch and dinner. If there will be good weather, these two weekends will see the first invasion of Lignano: in fact the square is full of people coming from neighbouring towns and also the inhabitants of Lignano meet here after the long winter.
It is a very important moment for everyone, because it marks the start of the spring in Lignano and of the bathing season, especially since this year Easter, traditionally the time of opening of many businesses, is Sunday, March 31.

In April is the moment of the 27th “Lignano in Fiore”, wonderful festival that takes place at Hemingway Park in Lignano Pineta during the weekend April 20-21, 25 to 28 and May 1.
A festival for everyone, adults and children, that can have fun in the nature with many events, can taste the specialities of the different Italian regions and buy flowers, plants and garden furniture. Also this year there will be the cuisine of “Lignano in Fiore” with the fantastic grilled rib to taste with friends.

Don't forget then that this event is organized by “Lignano in Fiore Onlus” a voluntary organization that helps the families in difficulty of the region and makes projects of solidarity in the poorest parts of the world. Proceeds of the event will come useful to finance these projects, so the contribution of the visitors is vital!

With these three great events, the spring in Lignano is already beautiful and very attractive for many visitors.

Of course it does not end here, because there are many other events like book presentations, concerts, seminars on the history of jazz music, regattas, sporting events outdoors and in the gym…not to mention the Easter holidays in Lignano Sabbiadoro!

The months before the starting of the bathing season are rich in events to prepare tourist at a wonderful summer holiday in Lignano.

08Mar2012Lignano between events and openings

From early March Lignano begins to awaken and, indeed this month is rich in events that, even with the help of the good weather, can attract a lot of people in the seaside resort.

The official opening of the summer season is still a little bit far, we talk about early May, but the first weekend of March Lignano Pineta was full of people and young people. It was, in fact, the first weekend of Festa delle Cape and the relatively high temperatures for this period have brought in Piazza Marcello D’Olivo a lot of fans of fish.

But not only! Even the young people from Lignano and outside the city have livened up the day with the first Vespa-rally. A nice trip of 70 km with four gastronomic and wine stops in the city and outside.

All that while in the gym many baby-gymnasts competed in a provincial competition. But March 3rd was also the opening day of the Zoo Punta Verde, that welcomes the new season with cute babies born during the winter: a male hippo, a female saber-horned oryx, a deer and a nice Scottish highland cattle. If you have any suggestions for the names of the babies, especially for the baby-hippo, write to the Zoo.

The weekend of the 10th and 11th March there will be again the Festa delle Cape in Lignano Pineta with the evening show of fire staffs and the Sunday, the gym will be again protagonist with the BatonTwirling competition for young athletes. We remain in the gym the following week, surrounded by glitter and wonderful clothes, but mainly by professional dancers from around the world: it is the moment for the 30th “World Dance Trophy Region FVG”. A very important international dance trophy, which presents the beach of Lignano to over 20 countries. Its participants love this competition for the beautiful place that hosts them, as well as for the professionalism of the organizers and judges.

From March 24th to April 1st, Lignano is an important centre for the exhibition of boats, cars, motorcycles and bicycles both modern and vintage. Barcamania and Ruotamania, for the first time together, show their jewels in Piazza Marcello D’Olivo and along the promenade, while on the beach there will be exhibitions of quads, 4×4, motocross and water crafts.

With all these openings and event, Easter in Lignano is fast approaching. A very nice moment to spend with friends and families on the beach of Lignano Sabbiadoro, but also in the Junior Park. For this holiday, in fact, the park opens April, Saturday 7th and offers its games every weekends until mid May, when it will open every day for all children.

Naturally also the agencies in Lignano open in this period with their apartments sea view, in city centre and in quiet oasis in the nature. At the end of April, most part of the apartments in Lignano are open and accommodate tourists, as well as the beach starts to have the first bathers who love the sun.

From this moment on, events and openings in Lignano follow one another very fast. What better way to discover them, but spending a short holiday?