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23Oct2009A weekend full of events in Lignano Sabbiadoro

It is not usual an autumn so rich in events and tourists in Lignano Sabbiadoro. Thanks to the good weather and the events offered by the municipal administration and different associations, the seaside resort is invaded by a lot of visitors every weekend.

Last weekend, the new event Ruotamania attracted a big crowd on the main street of Lignano Sabbiadoro and thanks to the mild climate, the beach was swarming with people walking. For this weekend it calculates an even greater stream of visitors, thanks to a combination of several events in Lignano and surroundings.

Saturday, 24th, and Sunday, October 25th, the throng is ensured by Ruotamania and by the national Student Sport Games.

Ruotamania gets to the heart in this weekend and certainly it will attract a lot of fans of two-, three- and four-wheeled vehicles, besides several curious onlookers. The Student Sport Games brought in Lignano Sabbiadoro more than 4000 athletes, teachers, supporters and judges, that livened up the city centre for the entire week. Between a competition and the other, students enjoy some walks in the city centre and in the beach and also moments of relaxation and fun in the cafés. Saturday and Sunday are the concluding days of this sporting event, and certainly a large public will watch the last competitions, the prize-givings and the closing ceremony of the Games, enjoying at the end a walk and going shopping in city centre.

Besides Ruotamania and the Student Sport Games, this weekend offers also Nautilia in Aprilia Marittima, few kilometres far from Lignano Sabbiadoro. The exhibition offers only used boats on land and thanks to these features, the show gathers around him for 22 years a large crowd, that takes the advantage of the opportunity to reach Lignano and make a stroll.

The presence of exhibitions and important sporting events is probably the right key to extend the season in the seaside resort and to stimulate the sports and exhibition tourism during the winter months. These events have already spurred businessmen of the city: more cafés and shops are open also in this period, and also hotels and apartments of Lignano start to follow this path.