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05Nov2013Autumn in Lignano

Days get shorter, leaves fall down, the beach is emptying out but you’ll always find something to do in Lignano !

There is street of shopping in Sabbiadoro with various shops and boutiques still opened. Children can play and run freely on the beach and dogs are welcome as well. For lovers of open air don’t forget bicycle’s paths in Sabbiadoro and Riviera with panoramic view on the lagoon and the river Tagliamento, or the “Parco Hemingway” in Pineta with inside a fitness trail and the photographic exhibition about the famous writer.

Waht are you waiting for? There is something to all tastes !!

15Jan2013Lignano, a sea to love even in winter

The beach and the sea of Lignano are sure a wonderful destination for the summer holiday: as demonstrated by the thousands of tourists from all over Italy and Europe each year.

A little city that in the summer changes in a multilingual metropolis, where those who want to have a rest, have fun, do sport, visit interesting cities and places remains satisfied.

Many are asking “How is it Lignano in winter? Is there life? And the beach?”. It may seem strange, but also in winter Lignano is wonderful. The city changes, it is true, it loses its bright colours and the many voices of the people, but it becomes a different beauty.

The colours of the beach and the sea of Lignano change each day according to the weather, the wind, the sun and the fog.
They become more real, more soft and rich at the same time: the sea has many shades and the sand runs guided by the wind, making always different drawings.

The pine wood and the nature in Lignano become protagonist with their colours and the particular smell after a rain.

From the city centre of Lignano Sabbiadoro you can hear the sea and in Lignano Pineta and Sabbiadoro you hear the leaves of the trees falling.
The silence that reigns in this period permit to hear the nature that surrounds the city and, with its climate, it offers wonderful relaxing walks.

The beauty of Lignano in winter gains every year more and more fans.
In the weekends of good weather, with a little bit of sun, the beach is full of people walking: not only inhabitants, but also visitors that take advantage of this opportunity to stay outdoor. The children can play with the sand and to fly a kite, those who have a dog can bring it to run and have fun on the entire beach.

And then there is the long pedestrian zone. Despite the most part of pizzerias and shops are closed, the walk is a must like a pause in a café for a hot coffee or the aperitif. Taking it easy and enjoying every moment.

One of the best moment is sure the sunset, when the sun paints the sky orange before leaving place to the stars and the moon, that are reflected on the sea of Lignano.
Those who can resist the cold, can not give up a so beautiful landscape. Without the lights of the summer clubs, the night sky in Lignano is wonderful.

Also in winter Lignano is a beautiful city and more and more people discover it and take the opportunity to take great photos and spend special days.

And the inhabitants? What they do? Well, they have rest, meet together in the open cafés and prepare everything for the start of the summer season, to offer tourists a Lignano every year more and more beautiful and rich in events.

27Nov2012Waiting for Christmas, we walk in Lignano

In a very few weeks in Lignano will be opened the Sand Nativity and with this event will start officially the celebrations for the Christmas time in the city.

The complete and detailed program has been not yet published, but it is already known that Saturday, December 8th, there will be the opening of the Nativity and together also the opening of the ice-skating rink and of the Christmas market along the shopping street in Sabbiadoro.

During this time there will be several concerts and events, that will accompany us until January 5th, 2013 with the usual “foghera”, bonfire, on the beach, not to forget the New Year’s Eve in the square.

But if all this seems still a long way off, Lignano thanks to the good weather in spite of the period, offers the opportunity to walk far and wide.
In these last days many people were strolling at the beach, both for its particular health and for the curiosity to see it after the recent sea storms. The sea has removed different part of the beach, especially in Lignano Pineta in the area of Kursaal, and left on the beach logs and branches.
A very different panorama, but equally fascinating, that attracted many onlookers armed with a camera.

Now works are proceeding at full speed to rearrange the beach of Lignano, but some points, like the pier of the red lighthouse and of the Pagoda, are still closed for safety reason.

But there is not only the beach…
With a walk in Lignano you can discover many beauties that in the summer miss. For example the beautiful church of Santa Maria del Mare immersed in the pine wood before the pedestrian area in Sabbiadoro. During the summer it is one of the most busy streets of Lignano, but many people don’t see it, just trying to reach the city centre.

On the sea promenade you can discover enchanting small villas, like the historical villa on the corner with Via Friuli. Very picturesque, well maintained and with a splendid view, it is one of the jewels of Lignano. Just like the small houses of the earlier fishermen at the end of Lungomare Marin. Immersed in large gardens, close together, in a place where even in the summer there is quiet, they seem to belong to another world. But it is always Lignano, the beach of hundreds of thousands of tourists each summer, that magically turns in a treasure to be discovered in winter.

Of course the beauties do not end there. The same pedestrian zone in Sabbiadoro without all the people becomes a small work of art, such as the sea promenade. In Lignano Pineta and Lignano Riviera you enter in another world, immersed in the nature with breathtaking views at any time of the day and in any weather.

It seems a different city, but we are in Lignano, beach of the summer holiday that in winter becomes a city to explore by walking.